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December 3, 2007

New DNS zone fun

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Continuing on with my Windows Server 2008 studies I came across something new in DNS.  Since pretty much everyone would like WINS to go away we now have a replacement (sort of).  The GlobalNames zone in DNS.  This new zone will hold single label names similar to WINS.  For example if I have the FQDN in DNS, I can now create a CNAME record in the GlobalNames zone named simply server1.  But how do we resolve these names now?  Well, the order of operations is below….

1. Append the clients primary DNS suffix and try to resolve the name.
2. If that fails, try the other DNS suffixes in the configured search lists.
3. If that still fails, attempt to find name in the Global names zone.
4. Beyond that we can still fail over to WINS if it is still available.

So from this list GlobalNames appears to be the most useful in a multidomain environment.  We will still try all configured DNS suffixes first though, so keep that in mind.  A few other caveats exist for this new zone also.  First of all GlobalNames is forest wide and should be created as an AD integrated zone.  All DNS servers in the forest must be running Server 2008 to get this functionality.  It also doesn’t support dynamic registration of records (although a CNAME can point to a FQDN that is dynamically registered in another zone).  This means its not a total replacement for WINS.  It’s intended for managed records of important resources.

The search order above is very important. If in the example above I had multiple domains, all it would take is for someone to create a server named server1 in a domain in the DNS search order list and their server would resolve instead of my intended global name.

The Deployment guide whitepaper is available here.
I also found this extremely helpful in setting it up on a test server.


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