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June 3, 2008

Replacing Vista with Server08

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So My TechNet+ Direct subscription came through.  I tested it out last night be downloading the bits of Windows Server 2008.  I wanted to get more hands on experience with this OS so I’m going to be reloading my main workstation (from Vista Ultimate).

I was intrigued by the various posts out there about running on Server 2008 as a workstation OS.  Of course something like this seems to come up every now and again (with 2000 and 2003).  The thing that pushed me over the edge is the ability to run Hyper-V.  I’m excited to try this out and finally be able to run a VM or two maybe even full time.  I should be able to use this to test out some pretty complex environments.  All on my little old workstation. (Note: it is neither little nor old)  I’ll be sure and post my experiences afterwords.


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