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February 16, 2009

IE RSS feeds stop updating

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I recently started using IE8 RC1 but I remember having this same problem with IE7 a while ago and couldn’t find a fix at the time.  This week there was a power outage while I was away and my computer didn’t gracefully shut down.  Everything was fine when I turned it back on except my feeds in IE.  None of them were auto updating anymore.  I could click they sync button and they would manually update but then no further updates would happen.  A quick search turned up a fix and I though I’d include it here if anyone else runs into it.

See the original post from the Microsoft RSS team here.

The portion that fixed it for me is below:

Check if task is corrupted

schtasks /query | findstr /i "user_feed"

Look for

ERROR: The task image is corrupt or has been tampered with.

ERROR: Task cannot be loaded: User_Feed_Synchronization-{..

If corrupted, then delete and re-create the task

msfeedssync disable

msfeedssync enable


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