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May 28, 2008

Office Live

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So I’m sure everyone has seen some Microsoft Live product or other.  Windows Live Messenger, Live Hotmail, Live Search, or 50 other products branded under the Live umbrella.  The only real connection between some is that they are all online services.

Office Live has been out in beta status for a while an while not what most would expect from the name it’s not a bad product.  Like me you would probably assume from the name Office Live that it’s some online version of the Office suite.  Similar to Google Docs.  But no its really more of an online repository and collaboration environment.  What you get when you sign up is a basic sharepoint environment.  You can set up document libraries and share them with other users.  I’ve found it extremely helpful to share some planning docs with the fiance.  You can jump on from work and edit the documents pretty easily.

Similar to Sharepoint it supports a number of pre-defined templates when creating a new workspace.  For example a sports team workspace that supports rosters and schedules for managing a team.  In a workspace you can add documents, contact lists, calendar items, notes, etc.  As much as I use it for sorting out some of my own documents I want access to from anywhere, I also use it to demonstrate some of the basic features of Sharepoint to anyone that hasn’t seen it.  Of course Sharepoint adds the infinite expandability of custom development to the mix but this is a good representation of what you can set up quickly and easily out of the box.

I should also disclose that as part of a contest for using the beta I just won a 12 pack of Pepsi Max.  So go sign up for it and get your own Pepsi Max.


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