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June 12, 2008

New Ethanol cheaper than gas?

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Robert X Cringely has a great post up about alternative fuels.  He talks about the car as a platform and how it’s impractical to be thinking in terms of a forklift upgrade.  Will we all be driving hydrogen or electric cars in 30 years?  Sure, why not.  Will any of us be drive them next year?  Probably not.

“We see this all the time in computing where somebody comes up with a clever new idea but for that idea to succeed we all have to get new computers. How likely is that?”

Enter a new fuel.  SwiftFuel.  Simple idea.  Based off Ethanol but processed to eliminate the harsh side effects of ethanol on engines.  Even with current ethanol prices it could sell on the street for an estimated $3/gal.  It’s currently intended for aviation but could be modified for use in cars.

This is a perfect example of something that if it were open source it could change everything.  They just have to find a way for the big refineries and oil companies to profit from it.  They have the large sums of R&D money needed to get this out into the open market.  Suddenly  we wouldn’t be tied to oil from the Middle East.  Although the alternative is a little daunting also.  Currently the third largest producer of ethanol is China.  They are already an economic power, imagine if the middle east has the cohesiveness of the Chinese government to throw their weight around.

Alright, enough musing for now.  Check out the post it’s worth the read.


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