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June 26, 2008

ICANN approves new top level domains.

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Another breaking item in the news recently.  ICANN has approved custom top level domains.  In the past these top level domains (TLDs) were limited to .com, .net, .org (among others) and country codes like .us, .uk, etc.  Over the last few years others have been approved like .info, .travel, and .pro.  When these new rules go into effect an organization can decide on their own TLD.  Imagine a world with not just but,, burger.king, among millions of others.  How will we ever find anything anymore?  I imagine in the short term commercial organizations will keep at least their root presence in the traditional .com/.net/.org space.  Long term only time will tell but search engines certainly aren’t going away anytime soon.  Starting a new TLD will consist of jumping through numerous hoops as well as a significant investment in money.  Large registrars like Verisign will probably snap up a few new trendy TLDs to sell… .corp, .law, .whereeverthemoneyis.

One thing everyone seems to wonder is what will happen to .xxx.  This TLD has been repeatedly rejected by ICANN.  Do these rules open it up?  And who will have the corporate might to fight for the money available here?


Read more about it here.


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